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TCG Online Backup Solutions

It's critically important that you employ a good strong backup solution to protect your digital life. If you don't have your information backed up and able to be recovered, you can lose years and years of information in the event of equipment failure or other catastrophic events. The Computer Guy can help! Read over the information below and then contact us so that we can answer any questions you may have.

Backup Solution For Desktops And Laptops:

Basic Option (Data/Files Only): $8.99 per month, per system. Includes pictures, documents, videos and even bookmarks & favorites.

Full Image Backup Option: $48.99 per month, per system. Includes the same as the Basic Option, but it also backs up your whole computer. It will back up your Windows Operating System in addition to all of your data & files. If your system ever crashes and you need Windows reinstalled along with your data & files, this option will do that.

Backup Solution For Servers:

$1099.00 per year, per system. This is the best option for your money! Includes a full image backup, including data. That means it makes a backup of the whole Operating System and the data!

To download and install the TCG Online Backup Solution, click the logo below:

TCG online backup solutions